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Ethos Elite Jet Management

Ethos Jet Management is a finely crafted instrument to manage every aspect of your aircraft.  Our Management features turnkey bespoke Jet Management, reducing your costs, protecting your aircraft assets, and rewarding you with convenience.  We guarantee you’ll achieve incredible results in Ownership.

Private Flight Department

Our comprehensive flight department services will make any private aviation operation turnkey. 

Travel made simple with the Ethos Jet Card

Today, Ethos Jet continues to grow and inspire life’s most meaningful journeys to the most desirable destinations on earth.  Visit Ethos Jet and Discover why our Jet Card Program is a Smart Choice.


Sales and Leasing of Aircraft

Whether you are selling or purchasing an aircraft or require consulting for your aviation pursuits, our unique and convenient approach will save you time, and money.  Speak to one of our Representatives today about selling or purchasing your aircraft with Ethos Aviation. 

Ethos Aviation Jet Charter

Where life’s Journey takes you, choose Ethos Jet to take you there.  Connect with our Trip Brokers at Ethos Jet to arrange your Trip.

Aviation Consulting

Over 50 years of Aviation knowledge and expertise span our Company. Let this be your guide to Anything in Aviation. We have several Consulting Services available to help you; become the efficient jet operator you desire to be.