Aircraft Purchase
By Ethos Aviation


We will help you locate a suitable aircraft for your operation. Exceeding your expectations and setting a new bar in Aircraft Pre-Purchase Assistance.


We will perform the necessary research needed to see if the aircraft is a good fit for your company. We will back it up with proof that the choice is perfect.


We will make recommendations based upon: mission, maintenance status, parts availability, fleet age, pricing and more. We are your wing-man!

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Aircraft Selection

We will learn more about your company, your needs, your future growth plans, and more to find an aircraft suitable for your requirements. 

Mechanic Inspection

We can bring along 1 or 2 Mechanics to perform an inspection of the aircraft as well once final selection has been made.   

Post Purchase Support

You can see our full list of services.

Ferry of Aircraft

If the aircraft needs to be ferried we can manage the movement of the aircraft.


We Are There For You

We will spend not less than 100 hours finding, researching, and recommending aircraft for you.  There is no limit as to how much research we can perform. 

Any Size Any Make Any Model

Everything from Small Single Engine to Large Intercontinental Business Jets.

Never Satisfied Until You Are

A relentless pursuit towards finding the perfect aircraft for you. 

information and faq
More Information and FAQ

Let us help find your aircraft.  Whether you are a first time buyer or this is your next aircraft, we’ll be the one to lead you to the aircraft of your dreams.

We will guide you through your first aircraft purchase and be your crutch to lean onto for questions and help. 

You are thinking of acquiring a new aircraft.  Let us help make the choice simple and easy. 

We will help you navigate the hundreds of variables to consider when purchasing an aircraft. 

We can help to lower the cost of your aircraft by acting as a negotiator on your behalf as purchaser. 

Contact Ethos Aviation

Reach out to us today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and the solutions we can present for you.