Facility and Operations Consultation
By Ethos Aviation

Facility consultation

We will review your Facility, It's Personnel, Your Leadership, Record keeping, and more to keep your facility operating smoothly.

Operations consultation

We will review things like: Safety, Errors, Things done well, Areas of improvement, Efficiency Improvements, Recommendations.

360 Consulting

Full Aviation Consulting with a comprehensive detailed report highlighting areas of needed improvement, areas that are done very well.

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Everyone wants an efficient Facility and Operation.  Allow us as a 3rd party to review your operation and provide a total analysis and report. 

Normally our review is done without alerting normal everyday operations. 



Safety Review

Recommendations to your Safety SOP or obvious Safety issues that could cost you money.

Efficiency Reports

A review of your total overall efficiency and productivity, and ways to improve.

Staff Review

At your option we can also review Staff and gain insights into their work life and productivity. 

information and faq
More Information and FAQ

Let us bring improved productivity, value, and help for your business.  You may be surprised to learn how you can improve and things you may have never noticed before all at a friendly economical value.

The consultation, facility review, and operations review are all custom tailored to your operations size. 

At the conclusion of the facility tour and approximately week or longer stay, you’ll be given a type assessment report detailing all of the insights from our perspective and ways to improve and things you excel at. 

The review can take anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on the size of your operation or personal preference.

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