Virtual FBO Services
By Ethos Aviation

No Building - Same Great Service

We do not have a public facility. However we still provide the same great service where possible.

Client Owned Hangars

We are a perfect service for those with their own hangar and are essentially running their own operation.

90-95% Reduction in Responsibilities

Turnkey service means, show up to the airport, and be ready to fly with only 5-10% of your regular duties remaining to be completed.

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Services we Provide

  1. Crew Hotel Arrangements
  2. Rental Vehicle Arrangements
  3. In-Flight Catering
  4. Grocery Store Supply Runs
  5. Aircraft Sales and Leasing
  6. Aircraft Cleaning
  7. AOG Parts Courier
  8. Aircraft Staging
  9. Everything we mention on our services page.
  10. Most of the things your pilots do, or you as the owner do.

Services we do not provide

  1. Fueling – We don’t have a Fuel Truck. We can supervise and fuel the aircraft though by other means.
  2. Maintenance – We are not a repair station, and dont have mechanics.

Your Wingman

We are here to help you in anyway we can.  Inquire today and we’ll be there to lend a hand.

Staging and Full Prep

Full aircraft staging and only 5-10% remaining responsibility when you show up for the flight.  Passengers are fully taken care of, and the pilots need only finish a pre-flight.

Jet-A Rebate

Use our services through Ethos Aviation, our Brand Ethos Fuel will provide you with a Fuel Rebate.

information and faq
More Information and FAQ

How can we help you today?  Reach out to Ethos Aviation today and let us know what you need.

Ethos Aviation is designed to be your personal aviation flight department that helps you out. 

We would like to have our own FBO soon.  We are looking for Partners who may be interested.  Our plans are to provide a level of service and cost saving that rivals the competition. 

Contact Ethos Aviation

Reach out to us today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and the solutions we can present for you.