Flight Crews and Flight Attendants

Contract pilots and flight attendants

Ethos Aviation has personally qualified each Crew Member

Hospitality and Professionalism

Ethos Aviation is known as the gold standard of Jet Hospitality, allow us to prove that.

The Perfect Crew

Our Contract Pilots & Flight Attendants are Available for Scheduling, are current on all training, and are Experienced Industry Professionals.

Contract Flight Crews

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Request Flight Crew Services

Contact Hello@EthosAviation.com Today to schedule, include your information and the FA/Crew you would like. 

To request services from our  Flight Attendants, simply reach out to us today through Hello@EthosAviation.com and we will connect you with them. 

We choose the best Safety Professionals, Hospitality Experts, those with Positive Character & Attitude. Our Crews/FA’s are Highly Respected in the Industry. 

Ethos Aviation helps Flight Attendants with Airline connections/tickets, and hotel booking.  We are their wingman and resource for an effortless journey as they help you out with your Trip requirements.

Each Contracted Flight Attendant has their own Daily Rate as seen in their Bio, plus Expenses.   Ethos Aviation charges a small fee.

Contact Ethos Aviation

Reach out to us today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about Contract Crews we can connect you with.