Jet Aircraft Detailing and Cleaning
By Ethos JetLuxe™

Flight Deck cleaning

We are masters at cleaning the flight deck. We know how pilots and owners feel about the flight deck, which is exactly how we have perfected cleaning it.

Interior Cleaning and Freshening

We will clean the interior of your jet aircraft, remove odors, and freshen the cabin.

Safe Non Toxic, Non-Abrasive, and Friendly supplies

The cleaning products we use are aircraft certified, designed for minimal odors, and do no harm to interior leathers, woods, carpets, or finishings.

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Extremely Special Cleaning

Our knowledge of cleaning flight decks and aircraft interior comes from our Pilot and Aircraft Owner Chris Johnson.  We use only the finest cleaning supplies, and non-abrasive chemicals, odor removers, and wood polish.  For that perfect mirror shine and pride in aircraft ownership, choose Ethos Aviation. 

Flight Deck Cleaning

Our flight deck cleaning is accomplished using Q-Tips, a magnifying glass, micro-fiber, and gentle brushes, needle point vacuums. We do not use any chemicals on the displays or button areas. We will vacuum all of the fallen debris and dry clean the woolen seats.  This intensive cleaning requires around 10 hours to complete, and will leave your cockpit looking like aviation art. 

Cabin Cleaning

We will try to recreate the feeling of freshly installed cabin appointments, and present a picture perfect interior cleaning.  This usually takes 2-10 hours.

Exterior Dry Washing

All exterior dry washing is hand done, micro-fiber, special cleaning methods.  We do not re use microfiber cloth.  All items for the cleaning are fresh, new, and presentable in an organized manner.  We cover all pitot tubes and static ports with special adhesive red marked tape and is thoroughly removed.


We do this too.

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We hope you choose Ethos Aviation in Portland, Oregon to clean and preserve, and care for your aircraft for many years to come.  We take pride in our work and seek to provide only the highest quality service and support. 

Rapid Refresh and Cleaning

Needing to fly in less than 4 hours?  Give us a call and we will come out and perform a rapid refresh of your cabin and spot clean the exterior.

Aircraft Certified Materials

We will clean your aircraft using only the finest quality materials, solutions, and supplies.  We spare no expense.


We are committed to safety on and around your aircraft and property.   We will protect your property and investment as if it was our own.

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More Information and FAQ

Reach out to us today at Ethos Aviation, tell us what you would like to order, and how we can help you.  We look forward to making a lasting Client relationship with you.  You’ll be happy beyond words that you chose Ethos Aviation, we Guarantee it.

I am an aircraft owner, and I want you to use the cleaning supplies I present to you.  Will you agree to this? Yes, at Ethos Aviation the Client is always right.

I want my aircraft cleaned exactly how I say.   Will you clean it this way? Yes, at Ethos Aviation the Client is always Right.

Shoe Covers, No Jewelry is Worn as it can scratch, eye protection is worn, and professional cleaning attire is worn that will not catch on fittings or cause damage. 

Full interior detailing, every section, every drawer, every hidden or tiny space, baggage compartment, storage areas.

Every fixture is cleaned, polished, seat cushions removed, deep cleaned and conditioned.  Every compartment is cleaned, sanitized, reorganized, and vacuumed.

All cleaning will also be done based on owner preference and choice of cleaning materials.

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Reach out to us today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and the solutions we can present for you.