Jet Management
By Ethos Aviation

Elite Jet Management

Best Ownership Returns, Asset Protection, Supreme Service, Transparency, Optimized Operation, Fair Treatment and Attention.


Total coverage and follow through. Allow us to truly impress you with our personalized service which goes above and beyond expectations.


For now we only offer Part 91 management of Jet Aircraft, Turbo Props, or Certain Twin Engine Aircraft based in Oregon or Washington.

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What is Jet Management ?

Whether you currently own an aircraft or are considering ownership, Ethos Aviation manages your Jet Aircraft, providing a turnkey Flight Department, and overseeing all ownership responsibilities, including pilot(s), training, maintenance, fuel programs, hangar operations, FAA compliance, and insurance. You can spend your time enjoying the ownership experience rather than dealing with tedious managerial tasks. If you’re just beginning the aircraft purchase process, we can help with the purchase to insure you make the most informed buying decision.

An all inclusive Ethos Aviation Experience

All of the elements of our business come together to provide you with total convenience.  We want you to be pleasantly surprised each time you visit your corporate aircraft at it’s hangar.  And then just as pleasantly thrilled when you leave. 


As part of our turnkey services, we provide sourcing of flight crews, hiring, and training. Leave nothing to chance as we select the finest crews possible. Experienced, Safety Minded, and of the highest modern piloting standards available today.  Management of Flight Crews is included in the Jet Management Program.

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For Private Jet and Aircraft Owners, having Quality, Expertly Engineered Aircraft Management is of the utmost importance.  Designed to save, time, money, and promote value of Ownership, Ethos Aviation continues it’s commitment to our Clients.  

We make the ownership of Aircraft more enjoyable through superior Client Service and Resolve. 

Allow us to make your Ownership Experience an Ethos Aviation Experience.


Thank You from Ethos Aviation

Trust Ethos Aviation with your most valuable asset. Just enjoy the flight, while we handle your Administrative and Operational Aspects of Aircraft Management.  You will maintain the flexibility of ownership and benefit fully from our Flight Support Services, along with Superior Safety.  A turnkey operation Delivered.

Elite Jet Management

We are the gold standard of Jet Hospitality, and are setting the bar as high as possible with Quality, and Premium Service.

Delivering Premium Services

When you Manage with Ethos Aviation you gain access to our other Services at a discount that compliment your operation as part of an inclusive experience. 

Ethos Aviation Flight Department

Your operation will benefit from Ethos Aviation’s Special Flight Department which features full Weather, Flight Planning, Operational Assistance, and more.

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More Information and FAQ

Contact Ethos Aviation Today to Discuss Jet Management Solutions for your Aircraft.   We want to provide you with a Service and Value that is unmatched. 

We will go above and beyond, taking care of mission needs, shop for aircraft supplies, work on your behalf, and create a turnkey bespoke operation that you can be proud of. 

Safety is our core value at Ethos Aviation – you can be assured we will handle all of your Safety Related needs using modern safety standards for business aviation. 

Happy to help you out anytime, anywhere.

We source, select, hire, and provide training for the flight crews for your Jet Aircraft.  We monitor, guide, and help them to deliver a fine experience for our Clients.

Any airport is fine.  Contact us today.  Some examples of available Jet Management and service areas are:

KPDX, KHIO, KTTD, KUAO, KSLE, KEUG, KMFR, KRDM, KBDN, KDLS, and Selected Airports in Washington. 

Contact Ethos Aviation

Request an Aircraft Management Proposal Today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and the solutions we can present for you.