Private Flight Department
By Ethos Aviation

all of our services

Fully customizable, choose the services you need, bundle and save.

full concierge

We can make any arrangements locally or at your intended destination. Happy to assist and help.

full weather and flight dispatch

We are your wing-man and can communicate to you any weather concerns and function as ground support for your flight.

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Services we Provide

  1. Crew Hotel Arrangements
  2. Rental Vehicle Arrangements
  3. Catering
  4. Detailed Crew Management
  5. Updating Databases, iPads, Flight Decks.
  6. Reviewing Maintenance Logs
  7. Grocery Store Supply Runs
  8. Aircraft Sales and Leasing
  9. Aircraft Cleaning
  10. AOG Parts Courier
  11. Full Aircraft Staging
  12. Everything we mention on our services page.

Full Aircraft Staging

Full aircraft staging and only 5-10% remaining responsibility when you show up for the flight. Passengers are fully taken care of, and the pilots need only finish a pre-flight.

Full Cabin Preparation

Diamond Level full cabin preparation, vacuumed, cleaned, stocked, organized, refreshed.  Todays Newspapers, Magazines, Fresh Catering, Ice, Coffee.

Airborne Support

Use your satellite phone and call us in the air.  We can help with business arrangements, or anything else.

information and faq
More Information and FAQ

We would enjoy hearing from you about your flight department needs.  Reach out to us today.

We operate a full weather office with flight following, as well as satellite communications with your aircraft if equipped.  If we know your route we can advise on the weather.

We help you with all flight dispatching as we are able to.  We are your ground support service.

Ethos Aviation will show up in advance of your flight and fully prepare your aircraft for the days flight departing out of Oregon.  Includes a comprehensive boutique setup and arrangement as needed.  All foods, drinks, and papers are stocked and ready upon arrival.  Including Ice, Coffee, and other arrangements. 

Includes GPU, basic walk-around, oil level check, tire pressure check, removing  plugs and staging the aircraft on the ramp for departure, ordering and supervising Fueling, or to any level of service you would like to customize.  After you depart, we will close up your hangar and perform a safety check and lock it.  We are there when you return from your flight ready to help put it away and clean it.

A Business Jet resembles a high profile real estate property. Both are highly valuable assets that require periodical maintenance in order to maintain their value.  Which is what we do.

Ethos Aviation Closely monitors the life cycle of your Jet and Operation which increases it’s value and retains its usefulness.

Contact Ethos Aviation

Reach out to us today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and the solutions we can present for you.