Specialty Services

Jet Management

We will bring joy to aircraft ownership. Saving you time, money, and energy to Manage your Jet.

Sales and Leasing of Aircraft​

Pre-Purchase, Selling or Leasing of Aircraft.

Jet Charter

Jet Charter Services for your business or family. Choose Ethos Jet for your next Trip.

Jet Card

Inspire your Life's Journey using Ethos Jet to satisfy your Jet Card needs. Our Jet Card prices are competitive, and we offer best-in-class inclusive service.

Aircraft Ferry Service

Does your aircraft need to be Ferried? We offer you a cost effective way to move your aircraft.

Fuel Card

Ethos Fuel is our Rebate and Loyalty Program for our Clients. We are lowering the price of Jet-A for our Cardholders.

Nataliya's Catering™

We are offering Gourmet Flight Catering at an Excellent Value. Of absolutely the highest quality and specific tastes of each Client.

Sky Resupply™

We will handle all of your Shopping needs for your aircraft or supply runs. Full resupply for your Jet, or Hangar.

Additional Fine Services

Private Flight Department Services

Full Flight Department Services Available to make your operation Turnkey.

Personal FBO Services

Available throughout Oregon and parts of Washington. Your Hangar with the same level of service as a regular FBO, completely managed.

Ethos JetLuxe™ Detailing and Cleaning

Ethos Aviation is ready to help present that Platinum Image for your Aircraft.

Flight Crews & Flight Attendant Staffing

View our Ethos Aviation Contract Flight Crews and Staffing

AOG Courier / Supply Courier

We can deliver your parts, or pick them up with incredible speed using our fleet of 12 delivery trucks, with access to Long Haul Trucking and Flatbeds for larger objects. We can also pick up supplies.

Hangar Remodeling and Service

We will source all of your Hangar needs, stocking, supply, cleaning, and maintaining your hangar. We know where to find awesome hangar gear and equipment to give your personal hangar a unique look.

Technology Services

We also offer specialized computer and technology services. Everything from custom computers, to networking, to full hangar, home, or office technology setup and troubleshooting, and web site design.

Avionics and Pilot Supplies

Visit CostAero.com an Ethos Aviation Company

Consulting Services

Aviation Facility and Aircraft Operations

We'll tour your facility for a comprehensive consultation. We will provide crucial feedback that will improve the efficiency of your operation and increase your companies success.

Safety Program

Is your operation safe? We'll come in and evaluate your Safety Management System, or help establish a Safety Program, provide essential feedback on how safe your operation really is.

Aircraft Purchase

Choosing the right aircraft for your stated goals and requirements is vitally important. Due diligence is choosing the right trusted advice from a 3rd party like Ethos Aviation for your pre-purchase needs.

Evaluation of Aircraft Capabilities

We'll Test Fly and Review as a 3rd Party in comprehensive detail your Aircraft or Service.

New Technology Evaluation

Do you have a new aviation product that requires Evaluation for the consumer market?

Evaluation of New Aircraft

Are you fielding a new aircraft? We'll provide essential feedback to secure your aircraft's potential with the consumer market.