Sky Resupply™
By Ethos Aviation

No more Shopping Trips

We handle all of your jet aircraft shopping needs. Then we deliver it to your hangar and stock your aircraft.

Client Preferred Items

Each Client is asked to provide a list of their favorite foods and items. We then source, acquire, and deliver the items direct to you.

Subscription SErvice

You pay food item prices directly at cost, and are only asked to subscribe to our Resupply service.

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Sky Resupply™

We will handle all of your Shopping needs for your aircraft or supply runs. Full resupply for your Jet, or Hangar. We will bring our Van around and you can pick and choose.

Hangar Resupply

We will keep your hangar resupplied and stocked with goodies, and food items that appeal to you.  Plus a few excellent surprises along the way for your enjoyment.

Jet Resupply

Always at the ready.   As soon as your aircraft returns from a trip, we are already on our way to your Hangar or Jet to resupply.

Owner Vehicle Resupply

We also resupply the owner or pilots vehicles with waters or food bars for the Journey Home.

Cutlery and Serving Plates and Napkins

Are included and stocked and are all of the same Quality desired. Either plastic or Plates.  Uniform, and Neatly Organized for full efficiency.

Multi-Leg Refresh Kits

Your Kit includes: quick-bite foods, and additional Premium Coffee Reserves to keep only the highest quality coffees available during your stopovers at FBO’s.  No more Walmart FBO Coffee or foods. 

Delivery Van To Your Hangar

Our delivery van comes around to your hangar and we stock and organize the items perfectly on your aircraft or in your hangar.  We stock your aircraft the night or day before your expected Flight so your items are Fresh and Ready.

Favorite Brands

Choose any level of service you desire, from Basic Brands, Premium Brands, or Artisan Crafted Brands.

Fresh Stock On Hand

Our Food Van has a wide variety and selection available for you to choose.  All carefully organized and freshly purchased.

information and faq
More Information and FAQ

Allow us to make your Jet Experience even more enjoyable with Specialized Custom Food Delivery options from Ethos Aviation.  Contact us today.

Pay direct food prices, and only pay for the items you use.  The subscription service is billed Annually, or Monthly.  

We will do all of your Jet Shopping for you and deliver your food products to you without hassle or worry about having items onboard for your next flight.

The food expiration dates are checked religiously and are guaranteed to be fresh when opened on board your aircraft.  We also routinely check your expiration dates onboard your aircraft.

Pay only for the food items you use.  Return unwanted, or unused items to the food truck.  Receive full credit on your account for items not used.  If the item is expired, or near expiration we will not refund.

Contact Ethos Aviation

Reach out to us today.  We are looking forward to speaking with you about the services we offer, and the solutions we can present for you.